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Snowy days bring in more gambling profits

Probability plc, a mobile gaming service specialist, reported that bad weather helped to make record trading in the end of December just as the snow stormed in.

Snowy days turned out to be the busiest if compared to the rest of the period as they gave on average a 15% increase than those without.

Strong growth in customer deposits and wager activity started mid- December with deposits 35% higher then in September.

The number of players using the iPhone and other Android devices accounted for 27% deposits in December despite these services being launched just in August.

New players added up to 48,100 which is approximately 22% up if compared to the previous figures.

“This was a record quarter for Probability. It seems that the snow helped, and our hunch is that customers were turning to their mobiles for entertainment when they found themselves stuck at home or elsewhere,” said CEO Charles Cohen.

“Either way what matters to us are the underlying trends which show that this business is on the right side of powerful technological and behavioural changes as people increasingly direct their attention to smart phones and tablets,” he added.

When the company operations are transferred to Gibraltar from Alderney it would be operating a lower cost base but it would also be able to explore opportunities in Italy and other places.

Kate Kayuda
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