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Tottenham wants to wrap up Beckham deal by Sunday

Harry Redknapp, Tottenham Hotspur manager announced that the club should finalize a two-month loan deal for David Beckham by Sunday and that he hopes to see Beckham at the Spurs FA Cup game with Charlton which is set to happen on Sunday as well.

Spurs have been in talks with Los Angeles Galaxy for around a week now and a deal seems to have been settled but not revealed yet.

“I think he could be here on Sunday possibly if what I`m being told on the grapevine is right. The clubs are talking and there is a good chance it will happen,” said Redknapp.

“I wouldn't bring him here if I didn`t think he had something to offer. He would lift the level of other players, people would respond to playing with him and having him around and he would be a good influence around the place.”

It's not surprising that Redknapp is very eager to bring Beckham in as soon as possible since the 35-year-old star is due to go back to Galaxy in March.

If the deal goes through smoothly he could be playing against his former club Manchester United on 16th January.

Beckham has been on the radar of many European clubs since he revealed that he is interested in spending a loan term in Europe. Last month he revealed that he is looking for a loan deal spherically to show his fitness levels to the English national side manager Fabio Capello.

Kate Kayuda
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