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Victor Chandler opens Livelogic on In-play platform

This tool will be incorporated into Victor Chandler`s in-play football platform and Livelogic will offer VC`s customers reasons to bet on any of around 30,000 live football matches every year.

Livelogic is a live bet simulation technology which has been proven to increase in-play bet frequency.

Paul Louis, COO of Victor Candler said:” Victor Chandler is committed to offering the best possible in-play experience and the Livelogic technology is a unique and exciting addition to our platform. We expect plenty of positive feedback from our customers.”

Livelogic football issues 30-40 bet prompts per match which is around every five minutes, or when a goal is scored creating more than 10,000 reasons to bet every week across 40 domestic leagues.

In-play market performance has been increased by over 300% during the World Cup and it has been proven to be very successful since the launch earlier on this year.

Mike Falconer, CEO of Bettorlogic said: “We`re delighted to see Livelogic integrated so directly into the Victor Chandler in-play experience.

“We`ve long been confident in its ability to improve in-play betting performance and it`s great to see it in action through another of the world`s leading sports books.”

Livelogic creates roughly 40 in-play prompts per match, showing the most intriguing betting opportunities in real-time.

Victor Chandler was formed in 1946 and has been one of the world`s leading betting and online gambling providers for more than seven decades.

Kate Kayuda
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