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Sam Trickett wins $1 million

Titan Poker, the sponsors of pro Sam Trickett revealed his high stake games taking place in Macau which he learned about from his friend.

Trickett travelled to Macau to test out his skills against rich businessmen and when he was there he said that the person in charge of 30% of his bankroll for the game is the 2010 WSOP Europe Main Event Winner James Bord.

He started with lower game stakes such as 300/600(Hong Kong Dollar) which is around $40/$80, which won him a total of 2 million HKD, but after playing well in the small games he decided to try his luck at the bigger prize.

That's when things got serious as he joined the 5,000/10,000 HKD sittings against Tom Dwan along with several wealthy businessmen. Unfortunately his luck ran out and he had to settle for a pay off otherwise he could have lost a lot more for himself and James Bord.

During the game he talked about ringing James up and telling him that he lost the money but luckily enough it didn't come to that.

Trickett had nothing and for some reason he thought that his opponent had nothing too so he took a huge risk and went all in but luckily for him the Chinese businessman did fold.

Overall Trickett had a good 2010 since he not only won $1 million in Macau but he also won in total $1,071,356 in live poker tournaments. Also he has been nominated for the upcoming European Poker Awards in the Player or the Year category which will be held in Paris on 13th February.

Kate Kayuda
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