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Isildur1 is revealed as Viktor Blom

Finally the identity of Isildur1 was revealed at the 2010 PokerStars Carribean Adventure which is taking place on Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas right now.

There was little shock as Blom revealed his true identity which has been kept in secret until this weekend.

A lot of people suspected that it was him but the shy Swede looked away from the cameras and simply avoided any association with the online alter-ego.

The 20-year old isn`t a fan of interviews, when asked if he was Islidur1 he simply said yes adding that there was no need to talk to the media about it previously.

Some might see Blom as arrogant but he has the right to protect his privacy. One reason for him coming forward now could be the terms of his new sponsorship package with PokerStars.

Blom has played since he was 14 but only started playing online when he turned 18 and built his empire mostly on European sites.

His forceful style made fellow pros nickname him as a maniac when he turned $2,000 in to $2,000,000 in only three weeks.

Later on he became the first player ever to lose a $1,000,000 pot when he played with Patrik Antonius; this pot remains the largest ever in poker history. In fact the top 10 pots ever in online poker involve Blom.

At one of the games Bloms’ bankroll was gone when he lost a jaw dropping amount of $4,191,573.70 to his opponent and that`s all in just one day.

So the secret is out but there are others waiting to be revealed. The year is young let`s see what else is in store.

Kate Kayuda
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