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Online Gambling grows by £19 million

H2 Gambling Capitals’ survey revealed that despite the economic sector in the U.K and all over the world going down hill the gambling sector has increased by 12.5 percent.

The total wins go up to just under £19 million even if the FIFA World Cup wins were taken away from the results the increase would have still been a staggering 11.5 percent.

The sports betting sector proved to be the most popular by bringing in £7.78 billion which is an increase of 10.8 percent and that`s including the FIFA World Cup Tournament.

In the second place came in online bingo bringing in £1.72 billion which is an amazing raise of 28.4 percent after which online casinos followed with a £4.02 million, an increase of 13.3 percent.

Weaker economic climate may have contributed to the number of gambling sites decreasing since 2009 with only 2400 sites left for the player to choose from.

It would have seemed that online poker was doing well but the survey showed that online poker wasn`t on a big increase since it only generated a 7.1 percent increase and brought in £3.26 million.

The main factor that contributed to the growth is the positive online gambling regulatory changes in Europe such as the newly opened French and Italian internet poker markets helped with the rise in revenues. Leaders in the area are Belgium, Denmark, Greece and Spain.

Kate Kayuda
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