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New operational standards introduced by eCOGRA.

eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) has established a new ‘Play it Safe’ dedicated team set to monitor the ninety-one online casinos and twenty-one poker rooms. The dedicated team of professionals, a new part of the four-year-old eCOGRA, will perform the on-site assessments necessary for online gambling operators to be awarded the 'Play It Safe' seal and to give players the comfort they are playing on fully compliant sites.

This ‘Play it Safe’ team, which includes four individuals with Big four audit firms and online gambling experience, will take over the role previously outsourced to third party auditing firms. eCOGRA's independent directors will continue to be solely responsible for the approval of accreditation and compliance issues, and the effective functioning of the assessment process.

‘Although the auditors have provided us with an outstanding service in the past, we now have the necessary skills, reputation and player recognition to undertake this work ourselves, giving it our closer and more immediate attention,’ explained eCOGRA chief executive Andrew Beveridge. ‘This is in line with the way other independent standards organisations and regulators operate. These dedicated resources will allow us greater flexibility to meet the continually varying demands of our industry and to respond to the players' demands for a safe and rewarding online gambling experience.’

Amongst their full compliment of services, eCOGRA will compliment its regulatory work by occasionally making use of industry specialists, auditors, and consultants to provide specialist advice and independent quality assurance.

The non-profit organisation addresses the most important issues to players: fast payouts, fair gaming, responsive, and efficient service and responsible operator conduct.

Stephen Holder.
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