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Isildur1 Crushes Tony G

In a match with more ups and downs than a team of bungee jumpers on a marathon jump off, the mysterious Swede, Isildur1, managed to overcome poker’s favourite bad boy, Tony G. The 4 table showdown on Pokerstars provided the rail with some exciting banter but even more exciting action. At the start of the match the exchanges were friendly enough, but after G surged to a $60,000 lead things got a little more serious. Not wanting to incur another defeat on his (new) home turf, Isildur1 began to apply the pressure on G and quickly levelled the match.

As the rail began to turn on G, the momentum swung firmly behind Isildur1 who capitalized on G’s loose play by snatching a $70,000 lead. As the hands raced by it was G who picked up some of the momentum, but as hand 2500 came and went it was Isildur1 who secured a $44,280 profit to take the match.

Following their battle on the $50/$100 tables, Tony was quick to issue a rematch but this time on his terms: “Lets replay this thing on my home turf at Party Poker asap. I will add $50,000 to the pool as a contest of this magnitude deserves some money added and we will hide isildurs1 identity that is not up for discussion.”

Whether or not Isildur1 will accept the challenge isn’t yet known, but if the last match is anything to go by then the fans will be in for an epic tussle if the two decide to meet again.
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