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Recession takes its toll on Las Vegas

Las Vegas appears to be feeling the effects of the credit crunch, with the rapidly decreasing amount of tourists starting to take toll on the city.

Additionally, unemployment in Las Vegas is at an all-time high, with Nevada having the highest rate of unemployment in the whole of America, reaching nearly 14% in October.

While there are some factors of the economic crisis that have made Vegas more appealing to tourists, it is not sufficient to keep the city going as it is accustomed, with visitors more cautious about overspending. New hotels and casinos have forced older resorts to offer larger discounts and promotions to customers to lure them in and keep them, and it seems unlikely that Vegas will be restored to its old self any time soon.

On top of everything else the world of online gambling, which appears to be expanding and getting better every day, is looking like a better option for gambling fanatics as it is a cheaper and easier way to find betting thrills.

Maria Pierides
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