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Australian Gambler Drinks 42 Beers In 17 Hours

While ringing in the New Year with a few drinks is nothing to write home about, seeing the start of 2011 through an alcohol-fuelled haze after your 42nd beer of the evening is a little bit more remarkable.

That’s exactly what happened to one poker player in Sydney’s Star City Casino who incredibly managed to put away the vast amount of alcohol over a 17-hour period at the tables, resulting in severe consequences for several employees.

The player’s marathon session began at approximately 2.30pm on December 31 and ended at around 7.30 the following morning, during which time a dozen beers had been purchased at the casino’s “Bluff Bar” and 31 more had been served to him.

Three members of staff who had been waiting on the player have since been disciplined for serving alcohol to a clearly intoxicated patron, with punishments of varying degrees of severity being handed out and a $10k fine slapped on the casino.

The most severe punishment was handed out to bar waitress Helen Mikhail-Ghanime, who served a total of 15 beers to the player over the course of her seven hour shift – a costly mistake that has now seen her lose her job at the casino as a result.

Despite taking action against its staff, the Star City Casino has since defended itself by pointing out the patron was playing poker and was therefore hiding his emotions and mannerisms, making it difficult to identify that he’d had too much to drink.
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