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Musician wins PartyPoker crown.

A twenty-three year old musician from the UK, David Tighe, came from out of the blue to stun the big draw names in the poker world when he won $100,000 in the Late Night Poker Masters. The Late Night Poker Masters had the same set-up as the preceding Late Night Poker Ace, although with a small difference; in Poker Masters, the best amateurs battled with the best poker professionals in the world. This tournament concluded with two amateurs, Tighe, and Sweden's Simon Ehne going heads-up for the title.

In the process of winning his title, Tighe took apart a high quality final table that included 'Cowboy' Kenna James, 'Hendon mobster' Barny Boatman and 'Flying Dutchman' Marcel Luske as well as the Swede, Ehne, who is thought to be one of the most talented amateurs on the scene.

‘I was encouraged by what little gap, if any, there was between the professionals and the amateurs. Going into the tournament, I was a little apprehensive about taking on these big names, but I felt that the amateurs would definitely hold their own, said Tighe. ‘On the final table I found Boatman a very tough opponent. Every time I raised, he re-raised and it did seem that he had a read on me for quite a while. You could see he had real quality but I picked up cards at key times and was able to quell the threat.’

‘After his performance, the smart money would have been on Simon Ehne to take the victory, said a PartyPoker spokesman. ‘However, David proved us all wrong and was a very worthy winner. Patience is a key skill in poker and David showed it in abundance.’

Stephen Holder.
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