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Isildur1 and Isaac Haxton Talk Up SuperStar Showdown

The war of words between “Isildur1” and Isaac Haxton has heated up after the pair’s SuperStar Showdown on PokerStars was completed this week, with the Swedish player branding his opponent an unworthy winner.

“I want to play this guy again, because I didn’t feel he was so good,” commented Isildur1 after losing out to Haxton last week. “I don’t think he deserved to win.” Haxton, meanwhile was somewhat more magnanimous in victory.

“No one has ever more consistently made me miserable when playing against them,” the American pro explained. “I guess I’d put Ivey in second for that, but it’s honestly not that close. Isildur1’s brand of over the top – but carefully balanced – aggression is unlike anything I’ve played against and really take me out of my comfort zone”.

The SuperStar Showdown took place earlier this month, with thousands of railbirds tuning in to see Haxton beat his opponent for over $40,000 across 2,500 hands. Clearly, the loss has been one that was hard to stomach for Isildur1 and despite Haxton’s display of sportsmanship, the Swede is positively itching for a rematch.

“Haxton is too passive and a weak player. He did get lucky,” needled the Swede. “He never had the guts to play me at higher limits before either. He ran too good and I want a rematch over 5,000 – I would beat him easily. I am certain”.
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