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New poker reality TV show for 2011

Following the success of 2 Months $2 Million back in 2009, another similar poker reality TV show is lined up for the near year. Young Guns will document the lives four LA poker pros. Chris Jackson, Chris Sparks, Jarran Joshu and Seth Otterstad will aim to give viewers a glimpse of what goes on in the lives of up-and-coming poker stars.

2 Months $2 Million, aired by G4, followed the progress of Brian Roberts, Emil Patel, Jay Rosenkrantz and Dani Stern, and saw them trying to win $2 million in the space of two months. Young Guns, however, will focus less on a targeted amount, and instead hone in on the pressures of the game, and aims to bring out the personalities of the four stars.

Producers Ross Elliot and Darryl Silver are presently searching for a network to air the 13 episodes of the show; it has generated some positive feedback thanks to a trailer being posted on YouTube, which means its chances of getting picked up by a network looks promising.

Maria Pierides
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