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Online Pokerroom launches new promotion.

SunPoker is already getting ready for the World Series of Poker with a new and rather unusual promotion that will see one hundred contestants taken to next years tournament.

The promotion, called “One Sick Promo” will give WSOP packages to the first one hundred players to reach one hundred My Poker Points (MMP) from December 1st, until May 31st 2007. The unusual thing about this promotion is that these are not free roll tournaments that someone would have to qualify for; if they are among the 100 top SICKEST poker players, they get the packages.

The top five finishers of SunPoker's One Sick Promo will be flying to the 2007 WSOP on a Gulfstream IV. In other words, a Gulfstream IV is the SICKEST private any of the players could imagine. On top of this, SunPoker has also let its top five finishers invite a friend on the trip to Vegas where they will enjoy three weeks in the luxury mansion during the WSOP.

‘This promotion is all about going above and beyond expectations,’ said Adam Smirnis, Poker Room Manager at SunPoker. ‘If a player thinks it’s fair to get their airfare covered, we'll charter a private jet. If they want a hotel room, we'll rent them a mansion.’

As well as the top five players receiving these amazing prizes, those that fall outside the top five, i.e. the top 30 players will all receive extra WSOP Chips so that they can play more than just the WSOP Main Event, as well as exquisite accommodations in three other separate huge villas.

‘The WSOP is not just one event and it should not be treated as such. For a lot of the Internet players, this is the only time they play live all year,’ Smirnis added.

Stephen Holder.
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