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Red card betting suspicions during Motherwell v Hearts game

The Association of British Bookmakers have launched an investigation into Motherwell’s home match with Hearts but are expecting a swift decision over the allegations.

The ABB noticed that a number of bets had been placed on a red card during Tuesday night’s encounter. Concerns were raised on Wednesday night by two members of the ABB after Motherwell midfielder Steve Jennings received a red card after arguing with the referee over a penalty claim 83 minutes into the match.

Motherwell have insisted that Jennings isn’t under investigation after the ABB passed its findings over to the Gambling Commission. He has denied any wrong doing. The Gambling Commission, an independent public body set up under the Gambling Act (2005), do not comment on individual cases but figures released on Wednesday show they had investigated 16 football related incidents since work began three years ago.

ABB senior executive Tom Kenny said: “Based on the information that I have seen, I would be very surprised if the Gambling Commission were not able to make some sort of statement within a week.”

One of the bets made was understood to be a £500 stake placed in Liverpool at 10/1. Online betting company Blue Square revealed that one bet had raised suspicion.

“At 2pm on the day of the game we had a new account opened that was planning to back a red card for Motherwell at 10/1,” said spokesman Alan Alger, “that new account tried to place as much as the account would allow but we’ve got certain measures in place that stop duplicate bets and bets of a certain amount on certain markets.”

Motherwell caretaker manager Gordon Young said he was confident any suspicions would be “unfound”.

Alice Barker
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