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WPT deploys platform to prevent fraud.

In light of the recent Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act signed in the States, Digital Resolve, the authority in transparent, risk-based authentication, today announced that WPT Enterprises would deploy the company's industry-leading Fraud Analyst risk-based authentication platform. This move will help WPT's online gaming platform to authenticate online users; and to leverage the analytics and research capabilities of the solution to identify patterns of online fraud.

‘While traditionally many of our customers have been financial services institutions looking to further authenticate their online banking customers, World Poker Tour's online gaming platform's use of Fraud Analyst for both compliance and authentication demonstrates the diversity of our solution and it's ability to protect online user accounts across industries,’ said Dennis Maicon, Executive Vice President of Financial Services Solutions, Digital Resolve. ‘We look forward to working with World Poker Tour's online gaming platform to meet their compliance and authentication needs.’

Beyond the proven fraud detection and prevention capabilities of Fraud Analyst, a Website to create an account to every subsequent login and transaction, WPT's online gaming platform will leverage its unsurpassed analysis and research capabilities. This method will help the WPT better understand the way in which online users access their Website, helping both to prevent new forms of fraud and to more effectively market its service to online customers.

‘With the rise of fraud and the new legal restrictions on online gambling, we needed a complete solution that combined the power of IP Intelligence with proven fraud detection and user authentication capabilities," said Michael Katz, President of Online Gaming, WPT Enterprises. ‘Digital Resolve was the logical choice: they are the only company that is an expert in the application of IP Intelligence for both online fraud detection and prevention’.

Stephen Holder.
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