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Online Poker Players May Face 15 Month Shut Out

Online poker players in the US looking to be protected from unlicensed overseas operators will be facing a month of mixed emotions as the government considers a new gambling bill.

While the new bill put forward by Senator Harry Reid would offer players the chance to play freely online at government-licensed poker rooms, there is also a possibility that the market could be shut for over a year.

The reason for this is that all companies wishing to obtain a US license would have to stop accepting US players until they had gained government approval, meaning that millions of players would be shut out until a list of approved casinos was released.

The bill stipulates that the procedure of acquiring an online gambling license would take fifteen months, a period that would provide for the government to set regulations for the industry and put safeguards in place for problem and underage gambling.

Another section of the bill that is sure to alarm American players is one that states only casinos that have been in operation for five years or longer in the US would be able to obtain a license. This, of course, would rule out sites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt that have no affiliation to casinos in the US.
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