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Canasta Now Available on

Fans of the popular South American card game canasta will welcome the news that they will now be able to play their favourite rummy variant against opponents from around the world online at

The game, which originated in the 1930s, is a very popular recreational activity in the cafes and bars of Latin America, where a game of canasta can often accompany a strong black coffee in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

However, have now brought the game to a new generation of players by offering an online multiplayer version on their site that will allow old hands and first-timers alike to pit their wits against each other.

“RM Royal Media has been remarkably growing the online rummy market and the canasta addition will increase profits for all licensees,” read a statement from RM Royal Media limited, the company behind the popular card game website.

“It is a known fact that each region in the world has its own variation of rummy and now South America has its own online. RM Royal Media is proud and happy to provide all the popular forms of rummy online including gin rummy, Rum500, Scala40, Kalooki 51, Okey, Burraco, Oklahoma and canasta.”
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