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Android Market Rejects Full Tilt Rush Poker App

Android phone users wishing to play poker on the go were dealt a serious blow this week after the Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker Mobile application was pulled from their market place due to a breach of rules.

The app, which was launched with the intention of bringing mobile poker to the Android platform and smart phone users, was recently removed from the availability listings in Android’s online store “due to maintenance”.

However, a recently released rating system for Android apps could provide the real reason as to why the Full Tilt software was pulled, with the new guidelines stating that “real gambling is not allowed in the Android Market”.

Though there are certain ways around this problem – for example, downloading a poker client off an Android phone’s browser, opening a play money account and then manually depositing money elsewhere – the new rules will come as a major inconvenience to anyone looking to play a quick game of poker on the way to work.

Fortunately, those who have already downloaded the Full Tilt Poker Rush Poker Mobile application will still be able to use the software on their Android phone, but until the rules and regulations for the Android Market are thoroughly reviewed, they will remain part of a minority of mobile poker players using smart phone software.
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