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Ultimate Poker Challenge begins taping.

The top rated weekly television show, The Ultimate Poker Challenge, is currently filming its third season. The show is taking place in the renowned Binion's Gambling Hall and Casino in Las Vegas.

‘The UPC offers a truly unique opportunity for unknown poker players to come to Binion's and play on TV,’ said Chad Brown, the host of The Ultimate Poker Challenge. ‘A lot of our players show up every week and a few of them make the final table on a regular basis.’ Some of the notable amateurs are Richard Berkey, Mike "The Milk Man" Melikian and Steven Weitz, all of whom have made the televised final table three times.

The Ultimate Poker Challenge has its fair share of unusual characters. Co-host "Cowboy" Kenna James commented, ‘A lot of our players are local to Las Vegas. There's one guy, Richard "Ritchie Rich" Jobbins who is absolutely outrageous. He is so superstitious that if he's moved to a new table during a tournament, he has to take his original chair with him. If he's winning in a two or more day tourney, he won't change his clothes.’ Chad adds, ‘Not that we don't get our share of poker celebrities. Connie Kim, Richard Brodie, Pamela Brunson and Scott Fischman - they've all played this season.’

Amateur players do not lose out however, as The Ultimate Poker Challenge offers a number of chances to win into tournaments. ‘Binion's runs single table satellites all day on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, ‘Rita Hawn explained. ‘If you can't make it to Vegas, You can play a number of FreeRolls on We love to give amateurs the chance to play poker on TV.’

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