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Cancer survivor wins Online Casino jackpot.

Online gaming site, had their eighth major jackpot win go to a cancer survivor, who has preferred to remain behind her online name, JAMKAT2. She won $113,418 playing the progressive on Treasure Box.

‘Last week, I was home on one of my breaks from chemo,’ said the jackpot winner who recently won her fight with colon cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy for a spot on her liver. ‘I was actually supposed to be finishing a project for a freelance client of mine, but chemo really takes it out of you. I just really needed a break.’

She had won a 45% deposit bonus from the previous month's Newsletter and so deposited $200, a little more than usual. After a fruitless afternoon losing her money, the next thing she knew, she'd lined up three wild symbols and won the $113,418 jackpot.

‘Everything became somewhat of a blur for me after that,’ said the winner. ‘I didn't want to spin - I just wanted to feast my eyes on that winning screen!’

‘I called my two kids and told them. I probably should also have mentioned that they shouldn't blab it around too much, but it's too late now! My youngest son is in college, and he told the boys on his track team, and apparently, it is already all over the campus. My other son who's married and has three children, told his wife, who promptly called her mother and told her. So much for secrets!’

‘I know a lot of our players are shut-ins, either ill themselves or caring for a loved one,’ said Hannah Morante of ‘It's a good feeling to know we can provide exciting entertainment for people that can really use a little more fun in their lives.’

Stephen Holder.
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