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Online Casino sponsors record swim.

Online casino,, has again shown it’s knack for weird and outrageous campaigns by sponsoring Canadian director Matt Frame’s record-breaking feat for the world’s longest handcuffed swim.

Matt traversed the fierce swim from Koh Kteah to Serendipity beach, almost six kilometres, without help or the benefit of a wetsuit. The record is officially confirmed by the Guinness world records.

The swim was in aid of awareness for the Joe Bodia foundation. Joe Bodia is the name of a character in Matt’s latest film, a sequel to his 2003 feature, ‘Bagdad or Bust’. This foundation is dedicated to raising money for underprivileged Cambodian children. Matt has spent the past 19 months in Cambodia and has witnessed first hand the cycle of poverty that many children suffer.

‘Of course I am doing this for publicity,’ said Matt. ‘We have tried conventional routes of fundraising but the results have been disappointing. Still, there are many people out there that will take the time to read about our goals and decide to help because they see the big picture. If my swim gives more sceptical folks reason to believe, so be it.’

‘This is another great chance to help a worthy charity and get some publicity at the same time,’ said CEO Richard Rowe. ‘Many of the children in Cambodia are living well below the poverty line and we encourage everyone reading this to contribute whatever they can to help. We are honoured to have been involved with this event and commend Matt on his amazing, record-breaking swim.’

Stephen Holder.
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