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MGM Mirage Endowment funds scholarships.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and the Invent the Future campaign leadership today announced its largest corporate scholarship donation ever as MGM Mirage donated a $1 million gift. The university will establish the MGM Mirage Academic Excellence Scholarship Endowment. The purpose of the funds will be to underwrite scholarships for National Merit® scholars at UNLV.

‘The MGM Mirage Academic Excellence Scholarship program will support UNLV's efforts to attract the best and brightest students from Nevada and throughout the United States,’ said UNLV President Dr. David B. Ashley. ‘The perpetuity of this endowment will allow us to continue attracting these talented students in the future.’

The National Merit® Scholarship Program, established in 1955, is an academic competition that honours students demonstrating exceptional academic ability and potential for success. Less than one percent of the nation's high school seniors become National Merit® scholars.

‘At MGM Mirage, we believe education has the potential to uplift the lives of individuals and provide a foundation for a community's growth and development,’ said MGM Mirage Chairman and CEO Terry Lanni. ‘This gift reinforces our commitment to higher education in Nevada and helps enhance the academic reputation of UNLV.’ Terry Lanni added that MGM Mirage will consider additional annual gifts of $1 million to the UNLV endowment fund for the next four years.

The Invent the Future campaign is the university's first effort to raise $500 million to fund initiatives at UNLV and so far has raised more than $332 million since 2002. The funds will also be used to maintain top faculty, enhance academic research and expand partnerships throughout the university community.

Stephen Holder.
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