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jackpotcity.gif Wins Were Just What the Doctor Ordered.

Slot machines relaxing way for player to get mind off upcoming surgery.

They may not have been massive jackpots, but a couple of wins was just what the doctor ordered for a player who took his mind off an upcoming surgery by playing the slots. While a big win still illudes him, his recent luck helped him through a rough spot in his life.

“AntonioC“ was preoccupied with pre-op testing the next day for some minor surgery to be done the following week when he decided to take his mind off his troubles by playing the slots. He didn’t hit the big one – but he had enough fun to get a good night’s sleep despite his worrisome health problem.

“I was down to $52 in my account. I thought I‘d just finish up and maybe play again on the weekend when there’d be monthly promotional bonuses,“ said AntonioC from his hospital bed. “Then, when I saw three wilds staring at me and realized that I’d have won the jackpot if only I’d been playing the max bet, I wanted to cry!“

He was ready to call it night, but AntonioC was restless and nervous about his surgery the next day, and decided to play the $20 left in his account before going to bed.

“I've had quite a few wins at Slotland, but this one goes to show you that even when you’re down to the wire, and then on top of that make a stupid mistake, you can still win,“ explained Antonio.

“I had a straight with three sevens, an Ace and a King. I wondered if I should I keep the Ace or the King. Since my previous spins were producing a lot of Aces, I figured I would keep the Ace. But as my mind was so preoccupied with the surgery, I made an error and deleted both the Ace and the King. Just as I realized what I had done and called myself an idiot, the next screen came up with a Queen and a fourth seven.“

Next thing he knew, the screen was flashing “YOU WON $600“. AntonioC collected his $600, but only played a few more spins and kept the rest for after his surgery when he knew he’d have time on his hands.

“This $600 could keep me playing for weeks on ‘Striking 7s‘, and who knows, maybe with another mistake and a little luck I’ll hit the big one!“

“Everyone dreams of winning a big jackpot,“ said Hannah Morante of “But in the end, it’s all about having a little fun and excitement in your life.“

Source: Lyceum Media
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