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New Contest Combines Football and Poker

For poker players whose minds are on football, and for NFL fans that like cards, SportingbetUSA has just launched High Five Football Poker. Players put together winning hands of teams and score points based on the teams’ scores that week. There are weekly cash prizes and a $100,000 Bonus Prize.

“We know that most of our poker players also like betting on the NFL,” says Brand Manager, Tony Delgado. “This is a game where they can combine those passions.”

To make up their hand, players choose one NFL team for each of their five “cards”. For a full house with three Patriots and a pair of Giants, for example, the score would be three times the Patriots points that week, plus two times the Giants points.

17 weekly winners will win $30 each and advance to the Bonus Playoff where they’ll predict the winner, straight up, of the 11 post-season games and the score of the championship game. The contestant with the most winners will win the $1000 guaranteed Grand Prize. If any one of them correctly predicts the post-season winners and exact score in the championship game, they’ll win the $100,000 Bonus Prize.

The top contestant in each monthly segment will win a $100 gift certificate redeemable at The top first, second and third place contestants overall at the end of the regular season will win $300, $200 and $100 respectively.

For football fans, offers one free NFL bet each week. Win the bet, collect the cash. Loose, and get your money back. Win, win!

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