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Poker Players Alliance Phone March.

The Poker Players Alliance is a movement dedicated to make sure that Americans can continue to play poker on the internet. The alliance organised a ‘Phone March’ recently where it asked members and the public to call their Senator's offices to state their opposition to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which would block payments from banks and credit card companies to online gaming sites, passed in the House of Representatives in July.

This ‘Phone March’ targeted US Senators, but the more than three-thousand phone calls didn’t seem to affect Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist’s, stand on the matter.

‘The March sent a clear message to the Senate that Americans are passionate about their ability to play the popular game of skill on the Internet,’ PPA President Michael Bolcerek said in a statement. ‘Congress can no longer disregard citizen support for online poker and their freedom to use the Internet.’

The current standing is that the majority of senators do not want the legislation to fall in place, however, Frist, in a recent discussion in a public forum in Iowa, referred to the act as a ‘legislative priority’.

‘We hope that the Senate will take a more enlightened approach to online poker,’ said Bolcerek. ‘Rather than prohibiting the game, Congress must work towards regulation to ensure the security of online sites while upholding the rights of their constituents to play the game they love.’

For more information on the Poker Players Alliance, which details how to help, visit the organization's Web site at

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