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Suri Cruise’s Poo to go to Charity.

In a move that sees a rather unusual piece of celebrity memorabilia added to their already large collection of oddities, online casino, has bought a bronze casting inspired by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ child, Suri Cruise’s baby poop for $10,000, with proceeds going to the Kirstin Brooks Hope Center. The poop will join’s assortment of oddball memorabilia, which is touring the US in a travelling museum, including Britney Spears Pregnancy Test, William Shatner's Kidney Stone, and the wildly popular Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

‘The Bronzed Baby Poop’ is an original sculpture by artist Daniel Edwards, commissioned to create the work of art by the Capla Kesting Fine Art gallery. According to their website, the poop is ‘purportedly cast from the excretion of Suri's first solid meal ... the baby poop is cast with a bronze finish and mounted on a base that includes a brass plate engraved with baby Suri's name.’

The Kristin Brooks Hope Center dedicates its resources to preventing suicide by treating various types of depression. One of the Hope Center's specialties is post partum depression, which actress Brooke Shields sought treatment for. Tom Cruise famously reprimanded the actress and the movement but has since apologies for the comments, stating that its intentions are very honourable.

‘This is a wonderful charity and we are pleased to help contribute to their admirable efforts,’ said CEO Richard Rowe. ‘It is rather surreal that a couple of pieces of baby poop could raise money for charity, but anything is possible these days. We welcome the bronzed poop into our collection of strange items.’

Stephen Holder.
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