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Multi-Week Online Poker Promotion in the States.

Poker Creations, US-compliant online poker promoter, announced a multi-week poker promotion agreement with Milwaukee's Best Light Beer and Casino Media Group. Poker Creations, wholly owned by NLOP, Inc. will provide online logistics for its second nationwide promotion sponsored by Milwaukee's Best Light Beer. Starting on September 10, Milwaukee's Best Light will invite consumers to visit its web site to compete in an online Texas Hold'em tournament.

Seven players will win places at the 2007 World Series of Poker. Consumers can look for 12 and 30-packs of MBL and 24-ounce MBL cans featuring Texas Hold'em information and promotion rules at retail outlets.

Live-money Internet poker sites are considered illegal in the United States under 'The Internet Gaming Prohibition Act'. This combined with US Attorneys arresting a UK-based sportsbook CEO, have caused US-based brand owners and media properties to re-think how to make the most of the mass audience of online gamblers in the US.

‘We have developed a US-legal promotional poker platform that allows sponsors to offer free online poker to their constituencies,’ said Michael Clebnik, COO of Poker Creations. ‘Our poker rooms offer exciting online poker play, but, unlike offshore or remote sites, we offer contestants the opportunity to win prizes, without gambling. This promotion with Milwaukee's Best Light highlights our unique 'advergaming', software assimilating sponsor's brands into the application in a myriad of ways, making the sponsor a truly integrated part of the action.’

‘We love the service that Poker Creations provides,’ said Walter Marcinowski, vice president of Casino Media Group. ‘Our clients have expressed extreme interest in the poker demographic and in offering cross-media poker promotional campaigns and our partnership with Poker Creations provides that for them.’

Stephen Holder.
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