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007 Gets Poker Lessons.

James Bond needs poker lessons? Well, the new fellow donning the tuxedo recently had to spend time learning the intricacies of playing poker in order to play a plausible hand of poker. Daniel Craig, the man taking the James Bond reigns over from Pierce Brosnan, had to learn the poker skills alongside the correct handling of a gun, and driving skills. It was not reported if he was taught the correct acquiring of and handling females of the scantily clad, athletic, or villainous kind.

Craig was taught to play a plausible hand of poker during the filming of gambling scenes in the ‘Casino Royale’, the next film in the franchise. In the one particular scene, Bond needs to overcome his arch villain by bluffing him at the poker table. Craig reportedly enjoyed the experience so much that he has begun playing it in his spare time.

Craig has been quoted saying that they had a great time learning the game and that there were some extra-curricular sessions that went on off the set, and he believes that some were playing for their week’s wages.

British card player John Duthie, who has made £1.5million from poker, was asked to advise on the gambling scenes. He said Craig not only had to learn the game but also had to look convincing playing it.

The new bond has come under fire, as they always do, as fans take a while to warm to the new faces. One of his harshest criticisms is his blond hair. Craig asks everybody to give him a chance before they write him off as the next short timer like George Lazenby or Timothy Dalton.

Stephen Holder.
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