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BodogFight Martial Arts.

Online gambling and entertainment company, has wrapped filming of its highly anticipated Mixed Martial Arts reality TV series, BodogFight, in Central America. Men's Network, a Dish Network satellite channel, and online Bodog.TV, will air the debut episode on September 12th.

Calvin Ayre, Bodog’s billionaire founder has set the stage for several heavy bouts for the world’s toughest fighters to showcase their talents. During the eight episodes, seven elite modern-day American warriors will earn the right to represent the United States, as part of ‘Team America’. The seven fighters will square off against members of the Russian Red Devil Sports Club, which is known for its fierce roster that includes world heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko.

Viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the secret training regimen of the elite Russian squad as well as the individual training programs and lifestyles of the American fighters, presented by rock phenomenon Bif Naked in the United States and the beautiful Russian Natalia Vilakova. The sexy pair will attempt to find the toughest, most ruthless Mixed Martial Arts athletes the two countries have to offer.

‘As each episode of BodogFight airs, viewers are going to witness firsthand why we are emerging as a dominant force in mainstream digital entertainment,’ says Calvin Ayre, creator of a number of reality television series and Founder of Entertainment Group. ‘The footage capturing the lives, personalities and gruelling training regimens of each athlete can only be described as raw and riveting. Bodog has captured the essence of Mixed Martial Arts as a sport and lifestyle for the world to see.’

Stephen Holder.
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