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New ISP To Provide Age Certification for Online Gambling

A new internet service provider by Tibboh has consulted the British Board of Film Classification in order to devise a system to categorise around three billion web addresses, including poker rooms, online casinos and social networking sites.

The new service, which works on the same premise as the BBFC in giving web pages an age certificate from “U” to “18”, will ensure that minors trying to access online casinos and poker rooms will be unable to view the web pages until they are of age.

The system, which will also provide a “12” certificate to social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, will feature a unique login for each user which will record their age in the system and prevent them from accessing any sites deemed unsuitable.

Speaking to British newspaper the Independent, director of the Family Online Safety Institute, David Miles, commented: “Parents are looking for a commonality between DVD and film classification and the net and Tibboh should be commended for this."

However, he did also warn that some websites that are useful to both parents and children such as online educational services will also be filtered, meaning that sometimes Tibboh’s censorship could also provide as much hindrance as it does help.
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