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Eight Men Arrested for Gambling and Money Laundering.

The Bay Area in San Francisco was the scene of more arrests in relation to conducting offshore-based online gambling website as Federal agents and Internal Revenue Service investigators took eight men involved with into custody. is maintained from Costa Rica and the site carries a toll-free number allowing calls from US residents, which is illegal.

United States attorney Kevin Ryan, announced the arrests, which were for conducting an illegal gambling business, conspiring to conduct an illegal gambling business, and money laundering. The names of the accused are Tony Ferretti (Pacifica), Dallas Affolter (Pacifica), Houshang Pourmohamad (Richmond) Ed Attansio (San Francisco), David Volkman (Belmont), Norm Foisy (Lafayette), Ray Vargas (Fremont), and Jenaro R. Meijas (Carson City). These men face maximum statutory penalties of five years in prison as well as a $250 000 fines. Money laundering carries sentences of 20 years in prison and a $500 000 fines. Each of the men had initial court appearance and now awaits further developments.

The criminal complaint states that ‘Players placed bets and wagers via the Internet, at, or through a toll-free number with one or more individuals in Costa Rica who were paid to operate the illegal gambling business outside the United States. Agents within the United States collected the bets and wagers, in the form of checks and currency, from the players and then delivered them to runners, who delivered the funds to the gambling business. The accused allegedly worked as agents and received a commission based on a percentage of their players’ losses’.

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