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Carruthers Denies Bail.

In a move supported by his defence lawyer, David Carruthers, CEO of BetOnSports, recently arrested in the States for illegal online gambling activities, waived his right to bail. Appearing in Fort Worth's federal court, Mr Carruthers said nothing while his defence attorney, Tim Evans told the judge they would wait until they arrived in St Louis, Missouri, where the formal case stands against Carruthers and other executives of BetOnSports.

This will mean a day-long journey from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City, central US Marshals service and from there either by road or on Con Air flight to St Louis.

Commenting after the brief hearing, Evans stated that it would be in Carruthers’ best interest to waive his right to a detention hearing in Fort Worth, as they are optimistic that the court in St Louis would be able to fashion reasonable grounds for his release.

Meanwhile, following in the wake of this arrest Mitch Garber, a gambling lawyer for 16 years, and PartyGaming top executive said they would continue to pursue new US customers. He dismissed suggestions that criminal charges similar to those brought against BetOnSports could be brought against his own company.

GalaCoral, on the other hand have ceased allowing American citizens from placing bets on its website, afraid of repercussions of recent events.

After the BetOnSports arrests, district attorney Catherine Hanaway said, ‘Illegal commercial gambling across state and international borders is a crime.’

The justice department has stated on many occasions that all online gambling is illegal under the Wire Act. The BetonSports indictment focuses on telephone sports bets, but states, ‘All wagering originating in the US which occurred on gambling websites and telephone services were illegal.’

Stephen Holder.
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