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jackpotcity.gif pays out big.

Unsurprisingly, when 57-year old retired fire fighter, Thomas Pyplatz from Munster, Indiana, received a call from to say that he had won $100,000 in their free daily lottery draw, he took it with a pinch of salt. After a recent brush with a telephone scam, he wasn’t interested, despite signing up with

Kevin Aronin, CEO of New York-based PlasmaNet, the parent company of FreeLotto, said that getting the money to Pyplatz's hands was far from easy. Pyplatz has so far received his first instalment cheque and the money has cleared into his account. “It's a nice gift, and I'm going to pay off some bills and maybe my truck,” and added that it felt good to finally have the money. is a monthly subscription site where the players are able to choose numbers daily, or receive randomly selected numbers. Prizes range from £10,000 up to $10 Million.

Another large payout went to Frenchman, Eric Prevost, who became the first person from his homeland to win in the Superbucks jackpot. He is now sitting on a tasty $10 million, much to the delight of his wife and seven children.

“I didn't realise at first that I had actually won,” says Eric “My winning numbers came up after only two days of playing, but I missed the email telling me I'd won. It wasn't until I got a registered letter from New York on 28 December 2005 that I became aware of the great news. Then I began to think about how much better life would be if I had a new nose.” Yes, Eric’s first purchase is plastic surgery to replace his nose, after that the sky is the limit for this Frenchman.

Stephen Holder.
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