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Celebrity Poker at the WSOP.

Celebrity poker is always a massive draw for audiences looking to see their favourite Hollywood stars attempt to make big against poker professionals, which is not going to change come August during the WSOP tournament.

The celebrity element has also made it good at bringing attention to charitable causes and other similar events, however online odds makers, is putting very little faith in the celebrity element in the WSOP competition this year.

Amongst others, Ben Affleck and Toby Maguire are going to play their hands at successfully negotiating the tournament, despite the chances being against them, as they face 2000-1 odds to rake in all the chips. This is in stark contrast to the favourites Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu sitting on odds of 150-1 and 225-1 respectively.

The World Series of Poker this August should prove to be another successful event. Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director,, said, “This tournament is the grand daddy of live poker, if the limit of 8000 entries is reached the first prize could pay out $10 million dollars.” He believes with everybody betting on their favourite players, with, the chip leader won’t be the only one to win at the WSOP.

The Rio All Suite Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada will host the tournament from July 28th to the final play downs on August 10th.

Stephen Holder
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