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Second Hand Smoke Becomes a Real Problem.

The holding company, Aztar Corporation, which owns The Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, is facing a lawsuit filed by Vincent Rennich, a casino table games supervisor, for damages to him caused by second-hand smoke. Vincent has worked at the company for the past 25 years and is suffering from lung cancer he believes comes from his work environment. After a motorcar accident in 2005, Mr. Rennich found himself in hospital where a routine x-ray uncovered something unusual. Shortly afterwards he faced a diagnosis of lung cancer, despite never having smoked a cigarette in his life.

Mr. Rennich, in a move that could see Aztar make a large settlement to him, has made it abundantly clear that he and several of his co-workers were placed in a hazardous situation by the company with insufficient warning about the dangers. He said that Aztar were negligent in protecting its workers from harm, and complained that the company in fact spent a great deal of money to ensure that the casino remained a smoker friendly environment.

The New Jersey Smoke-Free Fair Act prohibits smoking in all public indoor, and workplaces, except for some specific types of businesses. Smoking is indeed still allowed in casinos, although the Act does not provide immunity to casino businesses against liability for second-hand smoke.

Mr. Rennich is now part of a group fighting to ban smoking from casinos and other similar environments. Speaking from the website, Mr. Rennich feels that it is his calling to rid casinos from the hazards of smoking.

This could usher in yet another blow to the casual casino user who enjoys the rights to smoke within the casino environment. Despite this, the dangers of passive smoking are very apparent and the issue still remains open for debate.

Stephen Holder.
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