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NFL Reverse Las Vegas Advertising Decision

The National Football League has reversed a policy introduced in 2004 to allow Las Vegas travel companies to advertise during this year’s Super Bowl and all other NFL broadcasts.

The league announced yesterday that they would henceforth allow Las Vegas, as well as Reno and Lake Tahoe, to advertise during their games, albeit only under the caveat that the commercials do not make obvious reference to gambling in the area.

This means that casinos in each location would not be allowed to advertise directly, while images of slot machines, poker games or the Vegas strip would also be forbidden. However, despite the restrictions, Nevada politicians and tourism officials have welcomed the news, hailing the NFL’s decision as a step in the right direction.

“I never thought it [the 2004 ban] made sense,” said Sen. John Ensign, the representative for Nevada who helped facilitate the NFL’s policy change after meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell. “Las Vegas is one of the best places for the NFL to do business with. There’s tremendous interest in the league there.”

“I thought it was short-sighted. I think Las Vegas actually helps promote the NFL and I talked to Commissioner Goodell and several NFL owners about that,” he added.

Under the NFL’s new policy, tourist destination that allow gambling can now advertise during games between January 4th and February 28th in 2010, with the league then able to decide whether to extend the modified rules into the new season.
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