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Online Poker Pro Brian Townsend Suspended From Full Tilt

In the wake of Brian Hastings phenomenal $4 million demolition job of online player “Isildur1” a few weeks ago, the Full Tilt Red Pro let slip in an interview that his record winning session was built on shared hand histories supplied by his fellow pros.

Hastings told ESPN that he and the CardRunners gang – namely Brian Townsend and Cole South – had shared raw data from their sessions with “Isildur1” to gain a read on his play ahead of the epic win, with the collusion breaching FT’s fair play conditions.

As such, a thorough investigation followed and Full Tilt has since suspended Brian Townsend’s Red Pro Status for a month while they reach a verdict on the extent of his involvement. Cole South, meanwhile, was cleared of any wrongdoing in the incident.

Since the suspension came into effect, Townsend has taken to his online blog to give his side of the story, stating that no collusion occurred and that he was the only member of the three to break FT’s rules by acquiring 30k hands of “Isildur1”’s play.

Never one to keep his opinions to himself, poker legend Tony G has been quick to post his appraisal of the situation at There he explained that he felt the entire situation left a “bad smell in the air for everyone including Full Tilt, since Townsend is one of their Red Pros.”

He continued to state that he believed South was completely innocent, Townsend’s case left an air of doubt and Hastings should be made to tell his side of the story, while explaining: “The bad part of it all is that there appears to be no answer to help “Isildur1”. A Red Pro getting a penalty doesn’t change the matter of his poker losses and the fact that he was at a disadvantage with all of it.”
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