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Golf Legend Tiger Woods Enjoyed $1 Million Vegas Gambling Binges

Already famed for being a risk-taker on the golf course, Tiger Woods was no stranger to gambling millions at a time in high stakes casino binges, it emerged last week.

With more and more details about the golf legend’s tempestuous personal life finding their way into the public domain, a report carried in The Times this weekend has indicated that Woods frequently wagered up to $1 million in exclusive, members-only casinos to fuel his thirst for high-octane excitement.

According to the British newspaper, Woods became a regular member at the Mansion – a club reserved for high rollers at Vegas’ MGM Grand casino – where he was given a $1 million betting limit and routinely played blackjack for up $25,000 a hand.

There, in the company of millionaire athletes such as Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, Woods would reportedly live it up into the small hours of the morning, partying with cocktail waitresses and smoking cigars with his celebrity cohorts.

“Tiger’s favourite clubs were the Mansion, the Bank and Tryst, all known for their discretion with high-end clients,” one Vegas nightclub told the paper. “His table had to be filled with hot party girls and he loved being catered to.”

The revelations about Woods’ gambling habits come as just the latest in a long line of rumours surrounding the star’s personal life as he faces up to a high-profile divorce from wife, Elin Nordegren, and the possibility of being axed by several sponsors.
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