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Online Poker Pro’s Shave their Heads

The online poker community has flourished over the past few years and for all the posturing, needles jibes and immature humour the sense of camaraderie amongst the online poker fraternity is something to be admired.

Whether there’s a potential cheater in their midst, a corrupt online poker site fleecing players or a major win by one of the internet poker’s biggest stars the community are always on hand to band together and support the cause.

This time the online poker community are throwing their weight behind another good cause by shaving their hair off. Thuy Doan, a professional female poker player, told the poker world of her battle with cancer in September and has been charting her progress through her blog ever since. Insurance troubles and the painful reality of chemo therapy have enraptured the online players fuelling a wave of support for the Doan.

As a mark of support and respect some of the online world’s biggest names have taken the clippers to their heads and gone commando. Amongst the players making the cut were: Doyle Brunson, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, Sorel Mizzi and Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier.

This latest act has demonstrated once again that no matter how ruthless and cold these professionals are on the felt their generosity and respect off the felt is never in question.
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