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Online Gambling Needs to Become Social

Social media and social networking are the biggest buzz words in the technology industry at the moment and with online users demanding greater interaction the online casino industry looks set to move with the times.

The ability to engage in multi-dimensional ways online is fast becoming a necessity for all websites and if the online casino industry is to continue being one of the dominant mediums on the internet then developers are going to have to embrace the trend. Currently a select few of e-Gaming’s most powerful players are in the development stages and look set to provide their users with greater functionality and interaction in the coming months.

These developments look set to encompass much more than a one dimensional chat system and will give players the ability to form specific communities based around their and their friends’ interests. There are also calls for the online casinos to become fully integrated into the popular social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

This fusing of mediums would allow online casino users to track their friends play, share games and scores and discuss specific topics related to their favourite games. When these developments are finally released the potential revenue increase for online gambling sites will be huge.
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