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“Isildur1” Crushed in Monster Poker Session

No one has quite stoked the action in the world of nose-bleed stakes online poker like the mysterious “Isildur1”, and the mercurial Swede was at it again this weekend as he won and lost several million in the space of three days.

Young Full Tilt pro and Cardrunners instructor Brian Hastings was the chief beneficiary of “Isildur1”’s monster session, with the 21-year-old eventually walking away from a five-hour PLO session as over a $3 million winner.

With “Isildur1” enjoying a profitable weekend prior to the pair’s high stakes clash – the Swede getting back into the black after taking several million from the likes of Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, Brian Townsend and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies – he looked to be back on form as the two players took their seats at Tilt’s $500/1,000 PLO tables.

However, with Hastings winning a monster pot in one of the session’s very first hands after he rivered a straight against “Isildur1”’s set of kings, the tone was set for the Swede to go on a downswing that saw him relieved of all of his previous profits.

With luck certainly on Hastings’ side, several fortunate river cards fell his way as the hapless “Isildur1” wound up on the receiving end of the biggest recorded winning session in the history of online poker. Though actual figures differ with regards to the amount won by Hastings, it is thought that he finished the clash up somewhere in the region of $3.2-4.2 million.
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