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Online Poker Company Full Tilt Launches Mini FTOPs

Full Tilt’s massively popular FTOPS series is a chance for the big boys of the online poker world to slug it out across the virtual felt but what about the low stakes grinders? Well, being the leading poker providers on the internet, Full Tilt are always looking to give everyone a shot at the big time which is why they are once again running their Mini FTOPs.

The latest incarnation began yesterday and will offer players 25 different poker events, all with an entry fee equivalent to 1/10th of the main FTOPS, to try their luck at. The highlights of the schedule being the $250+16 two day event and the Main Event with a minimum of $600K guaranteed.

As if scooping thousands of dollars and reigning supreme as champion wasn’t enough, Full Tilt are furnishing each winner with a swanky FTOPS jacket and exclusive avatar so they can be balla beyond all belief. For the top performer across the entire series a fully inclusive package to every FTOPS XV worth over $7500is is on offer.

Predictably the tournament roster is dominated by Hold’em events but for those of you with a penchant for variety there’s a liberal sprinkling of poker variants, including a $50 PLO tournament and poker’s version of the Krypton Factor a $50 HORSE event. With so much value on offer the chance to strike it rich is huge.
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