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Online Casino PartyCasino pay out $5 million jackpot

Open up the online casino record books and get ready to pen a new entry. PartyCasino, part of the PartyGaming corporation, has just paid out a $5 million jackpot to one of its luckiest punters. The online player who goes by the handle “gamago” has been a member of the PartyGaming VIP club for some time and has previously won other big jackpots at the online casino.

However, each one of their previous wins pales in comparison to the mammoth payday they received after playing PartyCasino’s “Gold Mega Jackpot Game: The Mega Fortune Wheel.” $45 is all “gamago” needed to scoop the biggest jackpot in online casino history and the win will no doubt transform their life. Commenting on their win the player said: “I was so shocked when I won the jackpot and the news still really hasn’t sunk in! I have to say I had my eye on the big jackpot but I really don’t play aiming for them, I play for fun.

I have won $50,000 and $100,000 jackpots before but nothing on this scale. It is unbelievable that one spin has given me nearly $5 million!” PatryGaming bosses are delighted that their online casino has become the first to hand out a jackpot prize of this magnitude and were happy to see one of the loyal VIP customers walk away with the prize: “We would like to congratulate ‘gamago’ on taking down this monster record Gold Mega Jackpot and making online gaming history.

We assumed the jackpot would reach $5 million and stated as such but this record Gold Mega Jackpot hit shortly after we published those fateful words! ‘gamago’ is a valued member of the Palladium Lounge and we wish him well with his newly found mega riches” a PartyGaming spokesman said.
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