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Crown Casino Wins Lawsuit against $1.4 Billion Gambler

It’s a well told story: gambler loses money, gambler blames casino for allowing him to gamble, gambler tries to fight against payments, judge eventually rules that said gambler is an idiot and orders him to pay debts. While the outcome was largely inevitable it didn’t stop Australian Harry Kakavas trying his luck one more against the casino.

The optimistic gambler, who’d wagered close to $1.4 billion US over a 16 month period, was contesting the $1 million US debts he’s racked up at the casino, claiming that The Crown Casino had exploited his pathological betting tendencies. Kakavas, who’d had already been barred from Sydney’s Star City Casino by police, had then turned his attentions to Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

While Mr Kakavas claimed he’d been lured by the offer of free flights and gifts the judge took a different view on the matter, stating: “Kakavas was a prolific gambler who had tried his luck in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Macau and the Bahamas. He was not a person so helplessly entrapped by his love of cards that he found it impossible to resist Crown's attentions.”

Mr Kakavas was also unable to produce any tangible evidence that the Crown casino had lured him and exploited him forcing the judge to rule in favour of the casino. On failing to win his claim Kakavas was order to pay the Crown Casino the $1 million US he owed them and was subsequently barred for life from the establishment.
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