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Barney Frank presents case to repeal UIGEA in the United States

Barney Frank took the first step yesterday in his plight to have the UIGEA repealed as he presented his case for the regulation of online gambling in Washington DC to the House Financial Services Committee.

During the presentation Frank said "The notion that this Congress should tell millions of adult Americans that we know better than they what they should with their own money on their own time on their own computer seems to me to be a very grave error”.

The presentation was met by strong disagreements from Spencer Bachus who called for Congress to stop delaying and put the UIGEA into full enforceable law immediately. Bachus then went on to attack the integrity of online gambling saying that a game of online poker could be easily manipulated.

This saw the Poker Players Alliance step up with a memo posted soon after the hearing stating that many poker companies combat against this with sophisticated technology.

An independent online safety and privacy group WiredSafety agreed that the best way to protect the consumer was the regulation of the online gambling industry.

A mark up session for the H.R 2267 which if pasted would see the repeal of the UIGEA has not yet been scheduled for a hearing.
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