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Sahamies destroys Ilsildur1 during Thanksgiving online poker battle

Thanksgiving weekend may have slowed online poker down to a crawl for the majority of Americans, but it was a different story in Scandinavia as Finn Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies carved up “Isildur1” like the proverbial holiday turkey.

Having already dropped $1.1 million to Brian Townsend playing $200/$400 PLO, mystery Swede “Isildur1” went on to clash with fellow high stakes pro Sahamies and found himself stuck a further $267,000 by the end of the day.

Incredibly, the win was to be small pickings for Sahamies, who went on to record the best weekend of any of Full Tilt’s big game elite. Anteing up at a seemingly bad time – with “Isildur1” having just finished burning Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius for $2.5 million – “Ziigmund” nevertheless got the better of his fellow Scandinavian once again, recording a profit of $1.5 million in just 90 minutes.

Clearly feeling sick at shipping such a large chunk of his profit, “Isildur1” resumed rivalries with “Ziigmund” the following day on the $500/$1,000 PLO tables, but the Finn continued to hold the upper hand, this time running up $1.3 million in an hour. Some trash talk followed in the chat-box and – just as Sahamies was preparing to leave – “Isildur1” accused his opponent of putting on a hit-and-run job.

Irked by the accusation, “Ziigmund” eventually rejoined the game and was subsequently relieved of $2.6 million, the swing now putting “Isildur1” $1.3 million up against his big rival. However, a final session late into the night saw profits see-saw once again as Sahamies reclaimed his losses and then some to finish – you’ve guessed it - $1.3 million up for the day’s action.

The upshot of all the holiday weekend carnage was that “Ziigmund” finished up the big winner and, over a number of up-and-down sessions, “Isildur1” ended up only a slight amount down – which, given how things looked at one stage, is definitely something for the Swede to be thankful for.
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