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Online Gambling UIGEA Delayed in the US

The US Treasury has, as was widely expected, agreed to delay the compliance date for the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act by six months following a thorough review of the bill.

Banks in the US had originally been ordered to take steps to outlaw payments to online gambling websites by Tuesday of this week, but the Treasury’s ruling means that they will be able to continue operating as normal until at least next summer.

The decision to delay the ban now means that banks and credit card companies will now no longer be held responsible for making sure that no payments reach internet gambling websites, giving them a temporary reprieve from any legal investigations.

The six-month window will also give the gambling industry plenty of time to muscle their defence and step-up efforts to have the proposed legislation changed entirely in order to allow licensed and regulated overseas online casinos to operate in the US.

When the UIGEA was first approved three years ago, many of the larger overseas operators such as the London-based PartyGaming company were driven out of the US market entirely – however, with the Treasury’s ruling now indicating that online gaming could well return to the country, non-domestic casino companies will certainly be lobbying hard for a change in legislation over the coming six months.
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