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Chinese Soccer takes another blow after top official arrest in gambling scandal

Over the past few years the once proud, popular sport that is Chinese Soccer has been stumbling on hard times and just yesterday the reason as to why may have become apparent.

Police broke down a major illegal gambling ring that involved sixteen arrests – some included top Chinese soccer officials.

Fans and sponsors have questioned for years the problems within the sport and have now learnt that corruption seems to be its biggest issue. It is reported that a general rule that would take place is the goal keeper and at least two of the defenders would be paid-off and sometimes an opposing striker to ensure the scores reached a certain amount which was then bet on.

It is believed to have been going on for over two years in which two club managers have also been arrested for taking part in both of which were previously arrested in 2007 for a similar offence but released without charge.

The participants are said to have used foreign online betting sites to cover their tracks as best as possible. Yang Xu, former vice-president of Guangzhou Football Association has said “I thought since everyone was doing that (bribing and manipulating matches), we would suffer for our honesty if we didn’t follow the practice. I know it was wrong but I thought we could get away with it.”
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