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Patrik Antonius dominates Isildur1 in record online poker pot

The online world was rocked to its very core this weekend as the ongoing saga of the mysterious Swede Isildur1 reached epic proportions. In his latest battle with the world’s best online players the Swede was once again mixing it up with the Finnish superstar Patrik Antonius across the 500/1000 PLO tables. After battling back and forth for a few hours the Antonius was winning the latest match, sitting with a stack of $1.2 million but his nemesis Isildur1 was fighting back having worked his stack up to a chunky $678,000. With the railbirds practically bringing Full Tilt’s poker client to a standstill there was an undeniable air of inevitability in what was about to occur.

After Isildur1 juiced up the action to $3000, Antonius quickly returned the favour with a raise of his own, this time to $9000. The action was far from over though and with their regard for money at an all time low the pair eventually decided to see a flop with the $162,000 already in the middle.

Both players obviously had strong Omaha holdings and when the flop ran out 4s, 5c, 2h it looked as though the pot was set to escalate even further. Mr. Antonius led out for $91,000 which prompted Isildur1 to risk the majority of his stack and raise the action to $435,000 (and yes we’re talking real cash here). Patrik pondered for awhile before finally committing himself and the rest of his chips. Isildur1 called the raise and with the cards on their backs and more than $1.3 million in the middle it was Patrik’s Ah, 3s, Ks, Kh that was in the lead against the wrap straight draw of Isildur1.

A 5h on the turn was no good for Isildur1’s holding of 6d, 9s, 7d, 8h and when the 9c fell on the river it was good night Vienna and another $1.3 million in the back pocket of Patrik Antonius. The Swede continued to play for some time after but couldn’t quite recover. However, with the millions he’s won in the last few weeks it’s a certainty that the fearless player will be back at the felt soon.
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